A battle-tested training program built by the elite warriors of the IDF 

to make you physically strong, mentally tough and ready to confidently take on any challenge

The first 100 responders to answer a short questionnairewill receive a one week free trial of our new training program.and will be eligible for special benefits upon the launch of the program

About IDFfit

Since 2011, Excellent Israel has specialized in preparing Israeli high schoolers for their service in the elite combat units of IDF. These prestigious units include: Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, 669, Israeli Air Force, Naval Captains and many more. Today our alumni serve as warriors and commanding officers in these world class units

After successfully training thousands of applicants who have defied the odds and have been accepted to serve in the top units of the IDF, we have created IDFfitThe first training program of it’s kind, that is based on our unique methodology that we use to train our students that will help you become

Physically Strong in a way that you have never been beforeMentally Tough to embrace the unknown with confidence as a warrior wouldConfident in yourself, that no matter the obstacle, that you have what it takes

The program is designed for all levels of physical fitness, but intended forthose who are ready to push themselves to new heights

If you are ready to become an everyday warrior !this program is for you

Hear from our WARRIOR Alumni

Y’ Served in Shayetet 13

Y’ was accepted to the Israeli Navy Seals Program of Shayetet 13.

When first facing the challenge, he thought he had no chance of being accepted, but he stayed consistent,

worked with the program, and is now becoming a warrior in the respected unit.

Y’ Served in Sheldag

Y’ was warrior and commander in Sheldag. During his training he became both physically and mentally tough, helping him build his confidence to overcome any and every challenge.

Y’ Served in IAF

Y’ was accepted to the IAF pilots course, and later served as an officer in “Yahalom”.

During his time training, he achieved peak physical fitness and was mentally prepared for the obstacles ahead.

“The training sessions improved my mental and physical well being, and brought me ready for my draft.”

A’ Served in Duvdevan

A served as a warrior in Duvdevan – a commando brigade in the IDF.

He arrived with low self-esteem, and was convinced he was not capable of reaching this unit.

However, he joined the program, remained consistent, grew mentally and physically tough, and found his way to serving in the unit.

L’ Served in Maglan

L’ was accepted to Maglan, which specializes in operating behind enemy lines.

L’s training specifically prepared him for the mental and physical challenges of serving in such a prestigious unit

He applied all that he learned, which resulted for him in having a successful and meaningful service.

G’ Served in Oketz

G’ served as a warrior and commander in Oketz – canine special forces unit.

As he grew physically stronger in the training, he strengthened his confidence and self-belief.

“The training prepared me physically and mentally for a meaningful service.”

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